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Pick up Points:

We serve several counties, our pick up points are determined by the number of reservations on each tour. If you have a group of friends that would like to join the tour we will pick up at your town with 16 or more people. If you have 30 or more you are well on your way to your own private motor coach!



To book a trip, cruise or vacation package simply give us a call, we will search for the best price and vacation to fit your needs.  For our motor coach trips call and we will hold your space for 5 working days, this allows time for your payment to be received by mail.  On our motor coach trips we do not accept credit cards as payments.


Cancellation Policies:

Each tour has its own cancellation policy. The cancellations and payment policies are dictated by the attractions, theaters, motels, restaurants, etc. The dates of cancellation given to you are a direct reflection on when we are required to make non-refundable deposits or full payments on those dates.


Special Requests:

Simply put your request on your reservation form and we will be happy to take care of it. Examples are rooms near friends traveling with you, special diets, if you use a walker, or if you need a handicap accessible room. (We do need to know this information at the time you make your reservation.)

Payment with credit card:

When calling to pay your balance over the pone, Credit Cards will be charged a 3-5% processing fee on the balance owed.

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