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Live Nativity December 9th 2018

Sponsored by Immanuel Ev. Lutheran Church in Frankentrost Township

A visit to the Living Nativity is a Christmas walk to Bethlehem

What can you expect? *
Join the pilgrim throng on its way to Bethlehem to be counted.
* Listen to the shepherds recount the angel’s message proclaiming the birth of Christ.
* Hear the words of the prophets recall the ancient promises of a savior.
* Experience the city alive with villagers living out the daily life of an ancient marketplace.
* Realize the terror of Roman rule and subjection to a foreign power.
* Feel poverty and homelessness as you make your way from the inn to the stable
* See how God comes to you in human flesh – a baby lying in a manger.
Round trip transportation via chartered motor coach
Pizza Buffet, Salad and beverage at Papio’s
A walk through the Living Nativity (Donation included)
A chance to see some great local Christmas decorations along the way
Escorted by a Parrott’s Tours representative



Sunday, December 9th, 2018
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